Welcome to the Law and Mediation Offices of Thellen Levy

For over thirty years I’ve represented people who are getting divorced and people who are planning to get married.

I understand that getting divorced is a profoundly big decision. I want to help my clients move through this difficult process with dignity, respect and autonomy, and, where there are children, to keep them out of the conflict to the greatest possible extent. For me, this means staying out of court.

I also understand that the decision to get married is a big decision, and that premarital planning involves much more than deciding whether to “opt in” or “opt out” of the community property system.

The hallmark of my divorce and premarital planning practice is consensual resolution.

A consensual dispute resolution process is one in which:

  1. You decide what the solution is going to be;
  2. In a process which is free of coercion; and
  3. The solution is one which works for you and the other person.

When you work with me my goals will be to
make sure that:

  • Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are acknowledged
  • You are treated as a problem-solving partner
  • Others respect your freedom to decide; and
  • Your role in the relationship/family is given full recognition

In a process that

  • Starts with your goals and interests
  • Provides a framework for interest-based problem-solving
  • Supplies all the information you need
  • Gives you time to question, analyze, understand and reflect; and
  • Supports you as a person as you move from problems to solutions

My law practice focuses exclusively on these methods, which are often called “alternative dispute resolution” or “consensual dispute resolution”.