Client Testimonials

Thellen is amazing! I needed two things throughout the divorce process: someone who could understand and help me solve the practical problems and someone who could guide me through a bigger emotional minefield than I expected. Thellen knew which hat to put on when and was my supportive companion every step of the way.


Thellen represented my husband when we worked out our premarital agreement, using the collaborative process. The collaborative process is a great way to come to understand each other\’s goals and expectations of marriage in a non-adversarial environment, find common ground, and come to agreement on major issues.


I am grateful for your support and patience. You understand that I need a lot of time to make decisions. You are always there for me. I don’t know what I would do without your assistance. Thank you from my heart.


It’s a funny thing. I’ve been going over the file of stuff from the divorce, ready to finally get rid of most of it. I realize I never got to tell you what a good and decent lawyer you are and how much your guidance meant to me. You’ve been a friend to my whole family.


Thank you for supporting me when I thought I was all alone. Words will never adequately express the gratitude I feel for the help, generosity, perseverance and strength I got from you. You saved me from a very bad situation. You never gave up.


I really appreciate the calm atmosphere of your office and your organized approach to solving problems.


Thank you for helping me through my difficult custody case. It was a rollercoaster but you stayed calm and centered, giving nothing but stellar, professional wisdom and performance. I am grateful.


I could not have gotten through this without you. You are an excellent attorney – in the truly positive sense of it – that is, being knowledgeable about the law and being honest, direct, fair, hardworking, patient and efficient. I felt validated as a person.


Thank you again for all of your hard work and sound advice. I guess I’m one of the rare people who ventured into the legal system and emerged very pleased.


Thank you for your consistent attention to my concerns. It was a comfort and a relief knowing I had a superb lawyer handling my end of things.


I appreciate your assistance, counsel and insight, and particularly your patience and your respect for my wishes, even when you might not have agreed with them.


Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and your work product. It really helped to talk things through with you – you are experienced and clearly enthusiastic about sharing what you know with others.